Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to print my labels?

Classic Studio Labels makes it easy to customize and print your labels, with pre-designed and blank templates for a variety uses. 

Create a Classic Studio Labels account

Access all your projects with a My account. It’s free, and you’ll be able to access your projects from a PC, Mac® or tablet.

You can Print your labels yourself or order your labels directly from us, we will print and deliver your labels to your door.

How do I get the printing to align properly on the page?

You can try these things:

  • Be sure you are using a genuine Classic Studio Labels product – non-Classic Studio Labels products are not optimized for our templates, and are not manufactured to our specifications. However you can always buy a generic 8.5” x 11” – Letter size not cut sticker and cut your labels using a pair of scissors. 
  • Test print. Print first on a sheet of plain paper to determine which direction to feed in your printer and to check your design and alignment.
  • Printer settings. When you click Print, look in the Properties options in the print dialog box. IMPORTANT! Unchecked the Fit to page option, our labels are already measured to the size of your paper. Adjust Paper Type to 8.5”x11” – Letter Size and Print Quality to Best.
  • Feed once. Don't re-print on the same sheet of labels.

Where I can buy Classic Studio Products?

We are constantly adding new products to our website, we are expecting to have all the products you need to print for your labels here in our store. For now you can order Self-sticking blank or pre-printed labels here

How do I find a template that I recently downloaded?

If you downloaded a one of your designs on PDF format after ordering, the template will be in your folder titled, "Downloads"